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Local Green For Local People

Long story. In 2020, in the uncertainty related to the epidemic problem that plagues this country we love. there was a food crisis that inflated prices due to high demand (Food Securities). The country's borders were closed for a while which caused problems to obtain the supply of imported vegetables from Thailand for sale in Malaysia. From there I got the news that the basic food market in Malaysia is very dependent on foreign countries. So an idea arose to try to venture into the field of agriculture as a small business to meet the surrounding market only. Starting with chilli fertigation but now we focusing Hydroponics green.

Empowering communities through digital agriculture is our vision at Thetawakkal local farming hydroponics. By cultivating produce sustainably, we're not only delivering high-quality goods to the Dinstrip area in Tanah Merah but also ensuring stable pricing. Our mission goes beyond farming; we're creating opportunities for women in hydroponic agriculture, forging a path toward economic empowerment. Join us in our journey towards a greener, more inclusive future with 'Local Green for Local People'."

"At Thetawakkal, our mission is to lead the way in transforming traditional agriculture into a distributive economy centered around green vegetables. With a current capacity of producing 1 ton a month, we are dedicated to scaling our operations to reach an ambitious goal: producing 2 tons a day by 2027 InsyaAllah. We're the first to receive a certificate for pesticide FREE in Kelantan (myGAP-PF). Through innovative farming practices and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to not only meet the growing demand for fresh, locally sourced produce but also to create a more resilient and equitable food system for our community and beyond."